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Friday, October 2, 2009

BATIK's day every october 2th

october 2th 2009 batik's day.

oh yeay..finally we got that batik's day.
remember guys,every october 2th.
try to use our traditional shirt..
i heart batik
did you know David Beckham and George W. Bush had used batik's shirt before?
yeah they did that and now is our turn to show our batik..

me n my bestfriend went to sumarecon

my BF,hellodeyhay,my BF's bestfriend

happy puppy gading serpong

we used batik of course!

batik i loves you!!

what i wore :
-black tankie
-batik shirt
-black pants
-bomber converse shoes
-lil bear back pack

p.s.: this pic i took after i had a dance competition so,i still used my costume!lols,:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

rubik's stupid cube -.-"

Do you know about rubik's cube?
yes i knowed it and i still play that stupid game now!

what is your bad experience about this cube?
yeahh..i almost done it well and then had a mistake at last step n then blamppp i crushed it all!!

when u played this game in first time?
err..honestly,i felt interested about this game yesterday.n then my friend gave me his cube n i tried to solve that cube last night.lol

actually before yesterday i didn't like this game so much.i thought this game was the silliest game i ever heard.but when i tried it i was feeling so curious n like a stupid kid i felt like," helloo i'm a newbie and i 'm happy have a new game!"
oh..last night,on my bed,i thought about a fashion inspired by this cube.
and this morning when i was starting to browse about that i found this pics

*oh god they made it become a handbag???how cute is it??*
japan collection

a dress inspired from cube.
look at the detail.ther is a little cube in the right side

yeahhh cool headband
but it looks like traffic light i thought?

this is my favorite
not really cube but still shown the unique about the colour inspired from cube

hey this girl looks like lily allen??
i am right or i am blind??
love that neklace so much!

how cute is it all,right??
maybe i can use it for my next halloween costume.lols.
but anyway..happy sunday..
n i want to solve my cube again right now.c u..


Thursday, September 24, 2009

PHOBIAtic to step my foot again

do u know about PHOBIA 2??
the exisct movie now in blitzmegaplex?
this story told us about 5 different stories.
and all of that stories was a scary story!
oh yeahh you know?i screamed in the studio when i watched it in wednesday,sept 23th 2009
all of my friends jumped in every scenes
i just thought they become crazy butt really,that was a good movie

first stop.PIM 1(21 searched for the grudge 3)*top*

at the lobby after bought a little lolipop.yum

you knowed??we lost our car!oh yeahh..walking around the basement to search it

next stop teras kota bsd city (searched for phobia 2)

me and my BF
have fun so muchhhh
this is my stuff :
a plain shirt
a white short jeans
goldie belt
silver accessories
gucci's bag

Repost again baby!!!Hellodeyhay come back

r u missing me????yes???of course???thank youu..lols.
for a long time i stopped to open my blog and blogged you all
and now,i try to repost again.
do you know what the BIG(very big so i used big font) reason i wanna repost again in my blog?
because i don't have any kind of activities that i can do!
okey let we makes it shorter.
my BF goes to singapore and then leave me with all of the such things in here
what that??
shit i said!
and then now.i have much times to deleted all of my ex photos,and then changed all of my blog.
but u know me right?
Hellodeyhay heart fashion than her BF.lols.
so i'm here.come back.:):)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

one night standing>>hellodeyhay with her besties

One night standingg...
nono...not like in your mind!
i mean one night standing in my friend's party..
yo yo..
danced,party,smile,laugh but actually i got some tears becoz i was in breaking heart..
but..i have fun enough..

this is what i wore :

-a little black dress..with one shoulder effect..
-big black belt for a waisty effect
-my open toe ankle boots
-black purse with a sliver mark
-pearls bracelet
-silver earrings

Monday, June 1, 2009

the girl said>>Hellodeyhay

guess,what did the girl say??

what do you think about my pic??made it in 2 hours..
and voila..
"the girl said" was done

the answer is i love you forever, a smile just for you

Saturday, May 23, 2009

an exotic face>>bruna tenorio by hellodeyhay

this is her personal style..
tee+bomber jacket+scarf+skinny jeans+leather boots+and brown tote
model kelahiran 27 juni 1989 ini emang punya exotic face,her father is brazilian but her mother is japanese..
looks her eyes.she has an asian eyes but an europe face..
pada awal kemunculannya di dunia model dia emang baca dikecam sana-sini..
bahkan sempet ditolak di beberapa agency..
but look her now..
she's become a supermodel..
that's how god do it to her.